About The Brand


Antou Studio is on a mission to bridge the gap between global fashion demand and African design and creativity through a uniquely curated online shopping experience for every individual who identifies as strong, stubborn and stylish. At Antou, you’ll receive the full story. About each designer, about each product, and the sisters behind the brand  —with the intention to inspire everyone who shops Antou to tell their own story through the products they choose to purchase and wear.


To inspire and motivate our audience to take action, stand-up for what they believe in, and make a statement while doing so.

To build a community through style, sustainable fashion, cultural authenticity and identity.

To serve as an online destination where our clientele can learn about established and emerging African designers and shop them all in one beautiful place. 

To create a strong and trusting relationship with our repertoire of designers and leverage their efforts to expand their visibility and raise awareness around their work.

To create influence and dialogue and provide an authentic lifestyle and story-telling experience for our community of clients and supporters.